FertiSMART®️ Web Based IVF Software

Our web based IVF Database Management System helps busiest clinics run more efficiently by automating and digitizing every tasks. Complete electronic patient record management, cycle management and multi-location is some major key benefits for choosing FertiSMART®.

  • Complete Electronic Patient Record Modules
  • Extremely Easy Cycles Management (All types of cycles including PGD)
  • Flexible Scheduler/Billing Modules
  • Powerful Analytics Reporting
  • Seamless Integration Modules (SMS/HL7/DICOM)
  • Easy System Administration
  • Custom User Roles and much more…

Trusted by many centers and hospitals worldwide!

All in one solution for every stakeholder in your clinic for Doctors, Embryologists, Nurses, Lab Technicians, Patient Coordinators, Cashiers and more… FertiSMART® provides everything from single to multi-chain clinics.

List of FertiSMART Modules

Patient Management Cycle Management Powerful Search Module Daily Cycle Treatment Planning
Scheduler Module Billing Module ART Q.C. for Equipments Contact Materials Inventory
Cryopreservation Inventory Powerful Reporting Data Export Wizard Patient Web Portal
Patient Card Printing Custom Label Printing System Operations Monitor Administration & Security

No more digging through ­file folders to fi­nd clinical information. All this information is now available from anywhere, anytime electronically through your web browser.

Latest Development…

** Online Multi-Clinic Support Ready!

Manage your clinics from anywhere in the world!

** CLOUD Ready!

Let us host your FertiSMART in our world-class CLOUD Servers!

Data Export Wizard Ready!

Dig in your data and generate any report you like with advanced filtering and export!

** Patient Web Portal Ready!

Let your patients connect to your clinic ONLINE!

Patient Chart – Smart Patients Management

An interactive patient couple detail view with all records pertaining to a particular couple. Detailed Chart contains below details:

  • Demographics
  • Consultant progress notes
  • Nurse progress notes
  • Diagnosis
  • Vitals
  • All types of ultrasound (US, Gyn Scan, SSIS Scan, NT Scan, Dating Scan, Growth Scan, Morphology Scan, CL Scan)
  • Medical histories including allergies
  • Medical Warnings
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • MRI
  • Semen Analysis (4 different versions)
  • Male/Female Disease Screening
  • Testicular Cryopreservation
  • Obs-Gyn Problems
  • Antenatal Care
  • Cryopreservation Inventory
  • Operation Notes
  • Colposcopy
  • Previous Treatment History
  • Lab orders
  • Prescriptions
  • Appointments
  • Invoices
  • Financial notes
  • Custom Reports
  • Detailed Cycles
  • Male/Female Consultant Orders
  • Male/Female Episodes
  • and more…

Cycle Management

Manage your patients cycles with our powerful Cycle Management Module easily! All types of treatments are supported including PGD.

Below details can be managed for the patient cycles:

  • Last Menstrual Period (LMP)
  • Baseline (Nurse Evaluation)
  • ART Monitoring (Including Folliclegram)
  • OPU
  • Semen Data
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Embryo Cryopreservation
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Outcome
  • PCR/FISH/NGS MicroArray (5/24)
  • Cycle Contact Materials
  • Complications / Unwanted Events
  • Replacement

All your cycles are properly organized through your Work List Screen in Real-Time!

Appointment Scheduler

Manage all your resources & calendars easily and efficiently. Planning the appointments for your patients has never been so easy! Defi­ne the calendars of your resources and the scheduler is ready! Predefi­ned durations of your services in minutes are automatically reflected to the appointment during the scheduling. Follow up your patients easily with Daily Appointments Lists and plan your day to day operations effectively.

Using one centralized platform, FertSMART® Scheduler provides simplifi­ed access and increased visibility for clinics allowing more efficient coordination of time, people and resources.

  • Schedule Regular Appointments
  • Schedule Waiting List (Overbook Appointments)
  • Print Daily Appointment Lists for Resources
  • Monitor Patients Waiting Rooms in Real-Time for your clinics
  • Complete SMS integration for your appointments!
  • Deliver Appointment Reminder SMS automatically!
  • and much more…

Billing / Invoicing

FertSMART® billing module will truly take the headache out of creating service invoices for your customers. As the information from the work order is created and gathered, you are then able to issue proper and correct invoices in seconds. It delivers advanced functionality that works together with your business processes to remove manual tasks and increase data accuracy and speed.

  • Manage your services easily – including pricing and advanced billing parameters
  • Setup charges for services based on tariffs (direct payment/insurance/company/etc.)
  • Invoice your consultant orders for the patients in seconds
  • Manual entry of charge items
  • Powerful Sales Tax (VAT) Configuration for any legal regulations
  • Powerful Service Packages Configuration
  • Flexible Invoice Layout for Printing
  • PDF Generation for Invoices
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • and much more…

Advanced Reporting and Analytics (KPI)

Collecting information is only as valuable as your ability to go back and analyze that information FertiSMART® powerful reporting & analytics module takes the measures of your clinic over de­fined periods of time and turns it into a vital intelligence out of the information you have in your system.

Sample Reports:

  • Patients Details Analysis
  • Cycles Detailed Analysis
  • Cancelled Cycles Analysis
  • KPI Report (Pregnancy Rates for more than 13 parameters)
  • Pregnancy Outcome Statistics
  • Cryopreservation Statistics
  • Delivery Statistics
  • Blastocyst Statistics
  • PGD Report
  • PGD KPI Report
  • Live Birth Report
  • Implantation Report
  • IUI/Others Report
  • Pregnancy US Report
  • Cumulative Pregnancy Report
  • Indicators Report
  • Contact Materials Report
  • Details Finance Reports
  • Data Export Wizard

Data Export Wizard: Dig into your data and export any data into excel sheets using complex filters / custom criteria of your own without any computer skills! It has never been so easy!

DICOM Integration

Automatically transfer your DICOM Medical Images from Ultrasound machine into FertiSMART, so it will be accessible through patient chart easily.

FertiSMART® Web-based DICOM Viewer is developed using responsive design, that enables medical images to be accessed not only on computers, but also on tablets, smart phones or other devices with mobile view functionality. As a diagnostic image viewer, FertiSMART® Web-based DICOM Viewer component runs in browser and does not require any installation on the client device and comes with extensive radiology tool set.

System Administration

Manage your system with user management and definition screens.

  • Users/Roles Management
  • Role based – customizable permissions setup for the users
  • System Configuration Parameters Management
  • System Definitions Lists Management
  • Billing Services / Categories Management
  • Scheduler Resources Management
  • SMS System Management (SMS Gateway, On/Off Settings, SMS Templates, etc.)
  • Announcements Management
  • System Daily JOBS Monitoring
  • Audit Logs: System activity reports for each action completed in real-time
  • and much more…

Have the complete control of your system!

Technical Features

Microsoft .NET Technology

World class development platform

Web Based Architecture

Cross platform compatibility! Install on one server and access from anywhere immediately!

More Manageable

Web based systems need only be installed on the server placing minimal requirements on the end user workstation

Highly Deployable

Due to the manageability and cross platform support deploying web applications to the end user is far easier

Reduced costs

Web based applications can dramatically lower costs due to reduced support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and simplifi­ed architecture

System Requirements Server

Server • Moderate CPU • Memory 8 GB RAM or higher · • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher
Client • Any terminal (PC, Notebook, IPad, etc.) that runs an internet browser (IE 6 or above, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, etc.)

FertiSMART® CLOUD Hosting

Let us host your FertiSMART® in our world-class FertiSMART® CLOUD Servers.

Advantages of hosting FertiSMART on our CLOUD Servers:

  • Reduce spending on technology infrastructure
  • Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending
  • Improve accessibility. You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!
  • Streamline processes. Get more work done in less time with less people
  • Reduce technical infrastructure costs. There’s no need to spend money on hardware
  • Minimize licensing new software. Stretch and grow without the need to buy software licenses or programs.

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